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Canon Pixma iP6220D Ink Cartridges CL-41 Colour Ink Cartridge ( 41 Color )
Canon Part Number: CL-41 In Stock
Yield/Volume: 4ml*3, 308 A4 Pages / 4x6" 120 Photos
Our Price: £24.11 inc vat & free delivery!
Canon Pixma iP6220D Ink Cartridges CL-52 Photo Ink Cartridge ( 52 Photo )
Canon Part Number: CL-52 In Stock
Yield/Volume: 21ml
Our Price: £32.34 inc vat & free delivery!
Canon Pixma iP6220D Ink Cartridges Compatible Replacement Cartridges
Canon Pixma iP6220D Ink Cartridges Replacement High Capacity Colour Ink Cartridge ( Cl-41 Colour ) Cmy X 8ml
Jet Tec Part Number: C41 In Stock
Yield/Volume: 8ml x 3, 308 A4 Pages / 4x6" 120 Photos
Our Price: £16.89 inc vat & free delivery!
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Canon Pixma IP6220D a Mid Ranged Ink jet Printers

Canon IP6220D is a mid ranged inkjet printer model that has been exclusively built for the photographers community. Pixma IP6220D has a 2.5 inch LCD to help you control all its operations without any problems. Pixma IP6220D has been attempted as a pretty built inkjet printer model but that attempts seems to have been unsuccessful as there are many other Canon inkjet printers before Canon Pixma IP6220D which have been aesthetically much more enviable and a pleasing site for the eyes.

Pixma IP6220D printer model has a slight problem with its screen and that is the LCD screen’s inability to fit all photos in it while viewing which can make life difficult if you are totally depending on your Pixma IP6220D for printing all your photographs without the use of your PC. Apart from being less accommodative the LCD screen of a Pixma iP622D also lacks the clearance and sharpness that should have been included in an inkjet printer model of this price.

Pixma IP6220D has been integrated with the FINE technology which has significantly reduced the size of the printer and made it fit easily into tight working spaces. FINE technology also improves the technology of the Canon iP6210D ink cartridges in terms of quality and cost. Pixma IP6220D being built as a colored inkjet printer model to print excellent quality photo prints does not disappoint you in this department. Canon IP6220D also prints excellent quality graphics without leaving you in doubt of its abilities for printing colored photo or graphic prints.

Getting prints from a Pixma IP6220D ink cartridges

Pixma IP6220D relies on two Canon IP6220D cartridges. Colored Canon IP6220D ink cartridges come in two sizes. You can either opt for CL-51 or CL-52 ink cartridges for standard and normal yield colored Canon IP6220D ink cartridges. This kind of inkjet cartridges technology has already been used in the past but unfortunately that technology has become obsolete. One color cartridge with all the colors in it means you will have to replace the cartridge every time even any one of the color is consumed unlike the individual replacement of each different colored cartridges. This also increases the printing cost when getting prints from a Pixma IP6220D ink cartridges. Now Canon has tried to build new Canon inkjet printers having individually replaceable Canon ink cartridges.

Canon Pixma IP6220d is an excellent value for money printer. Many people might argue that you can’t get text printing quickly using a Pixma IP6220D but that again can be argued because Pixma IP6220D is the value for money that you are paying only to get colored photo and graphic prints. There are two significantly genuine drawbacks faced by Pixma IP6220D. First criticism is that Pixma IP6220D has painfully slow printing speed even for the colored photo and graphic prints. Secondly, as Canon IP6220D is a dedicated photo printer, the cost of the photo paper that it uses is also substantially higher than what other photo paper companies are offering at.

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