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Canon Pixma iP6210D Ink Cartridges CL-41 Colour Ink Cartridge ( 41 Color )
Canon Part Number: CL-41 In Stock
Yield/Volume: 4ml*3, 308 A4 Pages / 4x6" 120 Photos
Our Price: £24.47 inc vat & free delivery!
Canon Pixma iP6210D Ink Cartridges CL-52 Photo Ink Cartridge ( 52 Photo )
Canon Part Number: CL-52 In Stock
Yield/Volume: 21ml
Our Price: £32.70 inc vat & free delivery!
Canon Pixma iP6210D Ink Cartridges Compatible Replacement Cartridges
Canon Pixma iP6210D Ink Cartridges Replacement High Capacity Colour Ink Cartridge ( Cl-41 Colour ) Cmy X 8ml
Jet Tec Part Number: C41 In Stock
Yield/Volume: 8ml x 3, 308 A4 Pages / 4x6" 120 Photos
Our Price: £17.25 inc vat & free delivery!
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Canon Pixma IP6210D ink cartridges

Pixma IP6210D ink cartridges are easy to setup and install printer ink cartridges, being very user friendly. There are many ideal features that are amicably supported by Canon Pixma IP6210D. First of it is an excellent printer for photo printing. Pixma IP6210D supports the PictBridge by which you can easily print photos using your digital camera with a support for PictBridge. Pixma 6210D supports almost all the media card types so you usually don’t have to worry about the type of card you are using to get your photos printed. Pixma IP6210D also supports the camera phones making it convenient for you to get photos printed while using your cell phones without the need to first transferring them, as built in blue tooth makes the whole process look very easy.

Pixma IP6210D supports a maximum printing quality of 4800 X 1200 dpi which is a lot of pixel density for any quality photo printing. Canon IP6210D printer model supports the 2 picoliters droplet technology that materially improves the photo printing quality and also improves the efficiency of the printer in terms of per print cost offered by new Canon ink cartridges. There is also a ChromaLife100 feature integrated into a Pixma IP6210D with which the photos can last upto 100 years. Small size borderless printing is also achieved by Pixma IP6210D at great speeds however for larger photo prints you will need to be more patient.

Canon IP6210D Ink Cartridges in Compact Colours

There is one major drawback in buying a Pixma IP6210D printer model and that is its faulty Canon IP6210D cartridges. Unlike other modern Canon ink cartridges Pixma IP6210 ink cartridges come in compact colors. That means a lot of colors in just one ink cartridge. This technology unlike the new individual ink cartridges of each color means more cost over the life of the printer as like old times you will have to replace the whole cartridge when any one of the colors in the inkjet cartridge is consumed. In some other more technology advanced Canon printers you only need to replace those ink cartridges which really need replacement.

The control panel and the LCD accompanying the Pixma IP6210D printer model make it a more independent inkjet printer easing the use of the printer without the use of a personal computer. Pixma IP6210D uses FINE printing technology that reduces the size of the printer and makes it able to fit in more compact spaces without compromising any of its features. Pixma IP6210 supports different types of printing media including plain paper, envelopes, photo paper pro, photo paper plus glossy, other photo paper types, transparencies, etc.

Some critics have argued that the printer isn’t upto the mark for the promise of quality it committed to deliver but in reality it is the value for money or the price you pay for. Overall this is an outstanding printer in the price that you are paying for it.

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