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Epson Stylus Color 980 Ink Cartridges T003 Black Ink Cartridge C13T003011
Epson Part Number: T003011 In Stock
Yield/Volume: Capacity=34ml
Our Price: £39.78 inc vat & free delivery!
Epson Stylus Color 980 Ink Cartridges T003 Twin Pack Black Ink Cartridges C13T003012
Epson Part Number: T003012 In Stock
Yield/Volume: Capacity=2*34ml
Our Price: £58.13 inc vat & free delivery!
Epson Stylus Color 980 Ink Cartridges T005 Color Ink Cartridge C13T005011
Epson Part Number: T005011 In Stock
Yield/Volume: Capacity=67ml
Our Price: £44.91 inc vat & free delivery!
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Epson Stylus Color 980 Ink provides you with the best result to meet your needs

The word Epson is synonymous with quality and excellence. This is the reason why it is the number#1 choice of many consumers for business and home set up. Ever since its inception in 1975, Epson has become a master in printer and ink cartridges manufacture. No one is more a dab-hand with printer design, function, ink cartridges blue print and ink technology more than Epson. We will discuss Epson Stylus Color 980 ink cartridges in detail here.
Epson 980 ink cartridges belong to the hierarchal group of Epson ink which is specially manufactured to the customers’ needs. Because every printer and customer has their own demand, Epson has manufactured different sizes cartridges to solve all the printing related issues. Many of you might have heard of the latest term ‘DuraBrite’ – a pigment technology which is found ubiquitous in all Epson cartridges including Epson 980 cartridges.

DuraBrite technology is the latest technology in the world of ink cartridges. This specially formatted ink dries instantly in a matter of seconds so Epson 980 ink is perfect and specially demanded for photo prints. Epson ink gives you the sharp, close-to-real photo images that are free of any smudges. Epson ink has an edge in terms of its ink in that DuraBrite ink gets air-dried in seconds without requiring the print or picture to be hanged dried. You can imagine what latest and extraordinary technology it is so waste no more time while buying Epson 980 ink cartridges to experience a revolutionary phenomenon in the world of printer ink.

Epson 980 Ink Cartridges for Sharp Photo Prints

Epson 980 cartridges allow you to print crystal clear photos and sharp prints. The ink is superior to conventional black dye inks in a way that it does not absorb in the paper but rather neatly distributes in the form of words making the legibility very easy. Researchers have worked day in and day out detailing the minor bits of this so that the ink works best with conventional and glossy photo papers. The ink makes a bond with paper resin and together these two produce, what we know as, the picture perfect result.

Epson 980 ink cartridges can be used for all ranges of Epson printers. The OEM ink cartridges contain enough ink to make them last for months. You can get as many as 250 pages printed with a single cartridge but the printing result will vary with the type of the printer. All in all, Epson 980 ink cartridges are a great investment to meet your office and home printing needs. If you want outstanding printing results, you need Epson Stylus Color 980 ink cartridges. Place the order now and have the revolutionary experience.
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