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Canon Selphy DS700 Ink Cartridges BCI-16 Twin Pack Colour Ink Cartridges (cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
Canon Part Number: BCI-16 In Stock
Yield/Volume: Capacity 2.5ml x 3
Our Price: £22.89 inc vat & free delivery!
Canon Selphy DS700 Ink Cartridges Compatible Replacement Cartridges
Canon Selphy DS700 Ink Cartridges Inkrite Premium Quality Bci-16 Colour Ink Cartridge
Inkrite Part Number: C-016 In Stock
Yield/Volume: Capacity=7.5ml(CMY)
Our Price: £4.23 inc vat & free delivery!
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Original Canon Selphy DS700 ink cartridges

Do you know that you are far better off using original Canon Selphy DS700 ink cartridges than the remanufactured or clone ones? The reason is simple and straight forward. Canon DS700 ink cartridges are specially and specifically designed in accordance with your printer model so that together these two will provide you with the best quality in draft and photo printing.

It is not about Canon only; this statement – of using the OEM ink cartridges – is applicable to other printers and cartridges as well. Do you know that most of the replacement or remanufactured ink cartridges have a potential to damage your printer? The reason, again, is simple and straight forward. Printer is sensitive equipment with a rather delicate interior – especially the inkjet printer – that is prone to damage by a different brand ink.

A common misconception about printer ink is that all the inks are same so users can buy whatever and whichever brand or type that is easily available and get their printing task done. This concept is incorrect! Many of you – who have had an experience with the cloned material or remanufactured ink cartridges – can vouch for this statement. These clone inks never produce the same quality and some of them, often times, fail to produce correct work. This is the reason why you should always buy original Canon DS700 cartridges.

Buy cheap Canon DS700 ink cartridges on Inkraider UK

Canon DS700 ink is the pigment that has specially been designed for your Canon printer. Do you know that the mismatched ink and printer are not likely to function well together? The clone ink has a tendency to seep into the incorrect inkjet printer location where it can wreck or clog the printer head. Not only you expose your printer to damage, you also lose the warranty that is exclusive for your printer. This means your printer is no longer protected! Now you will have an idea how important it is to always buy Canon DS700 ink cartridges for your Canon printer.

And why not use Canon DS700 ink cartridges when it is a superior brand which is tried and tested by both the Canon researchers and users alike? Canon ink has especially been formulated to produce an enhanced effect – in terms of quality – to your print. With our cartridges you get the best picture result. In order to experiment this, you should print a document or a photograph through Canon Selphy DS700 ink cartridges and the same photo or document with a cloned ink. The difference will baffle you for there will be huge difference in quality and sharpness. The Canon print, as you will see, will be of high quality and crystal clear resolution. This difference will change your mindset forever about sticking to the use of original Canon DS700 ink cartridges.
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