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Kodak ESP 5100 Ink Cartridges Premium Black Ink Cartridge For 10 3949914, 15ml
Tru Image Part Number: 10BK In Stock
Yield/Volume: Black 15ml of Ink
Our Price: £5.96 inc vat & free delivery!
Kodak ESP 5100 Ink Cartridges Premium Colour Ink Cartridge For 10 3394430, 60ml
Tru Image Part Number: 10CL In Stock
Yield/Volume: C/M/Y 20ml of Ink
Our Price: £6.94 inc vat & free delivery!
Kodak ESP 5100 Ink Cartridges Jettec K10B Replacement Black Ink Cartridge (alternative To 10 3949914)
Jettec Part Number: K10B In Stock
Yield/Volume: Approx. 425 pages
Our Price: £7.10 inc vat & free delivery!
Kodak ESP 5100 Ink Cartridges Jettec K10C Replacement Colour Ink Cartridge (alternative To 10 3949930)
Jettec Part Number: K10C In Stock
Yield/Volume: Approx. 420 pages
Our Price: £8.77 inc vat & free delivery!
Kodak ESP 5100 Ink Cartridges Jettec K10MP Replacement Multi Pack Black And Colour Ink Cartridges (alternative To 10 3949948)
Jettec Part Number: K10MP In Stock
Yield/Volume: Approx. BK 425 pages, CL 420 pages
Our Price: £16.67 inc vat & free delivery!
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Kodak ESP 5250 ink – For a budget ink jet printer by Kodak

Kodak ESP 5250 is an inexpensive inkjet printer model for the budget conscious inkjet printer buyers. The looks of the ESP 5250 have been almost the same as in the previous model. Kodak ESP 5250 is also black in color with the same inward curving front with a yellow line representing Kodak’s color. Kodak ESP 5250 uses low cost Kodak 5250 ink cartridges for printing.
Kodak ESP 5250 has the same aesthetic appeal like any other good quality inkjet printer with an overall black color. The control panel of Kodak ESP 5250 is on the right top front. The controls offered by the control of the ESP 5250 are very few and basic, therefore controlling ESP 5250 is not a really big issue. Instead Kodak ESP 5250 is a pretty easy to use inkjet printer. The LCD sits behind the buttons on top right as well however the size of the LCD has been considerably increased to a more reasonable 2.4 inches, further easing the controls offered by the printer. LCD is well designed with excellent color contrast for viewing of all your printer’s functions. Kodak ESP 5250 is an all in one inkjet printer with which you can scan, copy and print. Kodak ESP 5250 uses two Kodak 5250 ink cartridges. ESP 5250 has a flat bed scanner for easy scanning of documents. Kodak ESP 5250 has a very high quality scanner that can scan all kinds of photo and text documents. Kodak ESP 5250 scanner is 24 bit and can scan to a pixel density of 1200 dpi. The software package accompanying the ESP 5250 makes all the basic photo editing and copying very convenient for all kinds of inkjet printer users. The scanner can also directly convert the text documents into easy to manage software file formats like PDF or editable word document, which makes converting the text documents a more useful feature.

Kodak ESP 5250 offers easy to replace Kodak 5250 ink cartridges

The two Kodak ESP 5250 ink cartridges used by Kodak 5250 provide high quality photo and text printing. Kodak 5250 cartridges are very easy replace. One of the key reasons why Kodak ink cartridges have become an instant success is their low replacement cost. Kodak 5250 cartridges are also low cost and significantly reduce your per print cost. Kodak 5250 ink cartridges can match any give you extremely high quality lab photo finishes which very few other inkjet printer cartridges can provide in this cost.
Kodak 5250 inkjet printer is a very cost effective inkjet printer and provides excellent value for money.

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